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U-HOGG Competition BBQ Team - The best Butts....coming and going!
Born in 2010 out of troubled times, U-HOGG was the creation of three punch-drunk grunts after a rainy whole-hog competition for another team. Tired of working for others (and tired of missing turn-in times), we took what we learned about ribs, brisket, and chicken; designed some t-shirts, and hauled smokers and meat in a Lexus and Toyota. Embarassed by our lack of truck-power, we increased to a Ford F-150 and started winning a year later!


Team U-HOGG recently competed in Landing, MD at "Smokin' on the Bay" on the weekend of September 3-4. We won FIRST PLACE in ribs AND FIRST PLACE for the "People's Choice Award"!! We are so excited to see our hard work finally paying off. We finished fourth overall out of forty teams, and finally did well with our chicken (15th place.) Yea!!!