The One Hundred Black Men work as a collaborative partner with business, government and community organizations to improve the quality of life for African Americans and other minorities. We are truly grateful for the support we receive from our partners, supporters and friends that helps to ensure the success of our programs.


Embracing corporate social responsibility as a three-tiered strategy for social, economic, and environmental impact, One Hundred Black Men works with partners to provide targeted programs in low-income communities. From sustaining education and mentoring programs to launching new health and economic empowerment initiatives, corporate partners provide insight and financial support to transform communities in their target markets. Additionally, the convening power of One Hundred Black Men allows us to create communities of practice among our corporate partners. These communities share the collective interests and best practices of our partnerships to improve strategic engagement in the communities we serve.


One Hundred Black Men works as a collaborative partner with various local and state government agencies to support the development of initiatives that positively impact the African American community. Our members serve on task forces, and accept committee or council appointments to support policy areas including education, economic development, workforce development, M/WBE, information technology, housing and real estate, transportation, and civil rights.


One Hundred Black Men partners with two different types of community organizations: Direct Service; and Cultural Arts and Historical Organizations:

Direct-Service NGOs
OHBM partners with non-profit and non-governmental organizations that provide direct services to low-income men, women, and children. These partners include middle schools and high schools, college and universities, youth-service organizations, churches, and homeless shelters that collaborate with us to offer programs to improve the lives of participants. There are many great organizations in our community that can have a broader impact when provided with additional programmatic capacity offered by One Hundred Black Men.

Cultural Arts and Historical Organizations
One Hundred Black Men partners with organizations that offer historical and cultural arts programs that reflect the interests of the communities we serve. From world-class arts institutions to grassroots community organizations, we support audience development, volunteer efforts, and program marketing.